aka texas mike (mizike) wrote,
aka texas mike

Friendster is the gayest thing ever.

Goddamnit, my little goldfish died. He was a black moor goldfish like the one I had as a kid, that I named "Airwolf" because.. well he was painted like the helicopter on the TV show with the guy that beat his wife a lot or something. Anyway, he lasted quite a long time considering he had ick and I was gone for a week and a half, but he did have vacation food.

Oh, and Friendster is the gayest thing ever. It's slow, and then these jackasses keep updating testimonials to people just to be on the top of the testimonial list. What a bunch of attention whores, plus it's slow as fuck.

I just got a T-Mobile sidekick. Oh yeah. Suck it AT&T! I can get an IP address, anywhere on the internet, and even SSH and AIM at 56k speeds and UNLIMITED DATA plus 560 voice minutes for $40 a month. That is so cool. It gets porn too. So yes, I'm the man with my material possesions, and I really don't want to go back to school. At least I got 2 new years kisses!
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