aka texas mike (mizike) wrote,
aka texas mike

So I was drunk one night and some friends of mine convinced me to sign up for Friendster.
My impression is that it's a popularity contest combined with a singles service with swinger overtones (WTF is with the 'open marriage' designation next to 'single' and 'in a relationship'?) and a wannabe makeoutclub feel.
Anyhoo, the servers are so goddamn slow that the people you hear about who 'go on it all the time' are probably just jerkin it waiting for the damn pages to load.
So, just for fun, if you're on Friendster, just search for "mizike sneed" and i'll give you a cool testimonial full of Vietnam war lingo.

crim's girlie wanted to see a picture of me, and so I don't become one of those people that posts pictures of their favorite animals/media artifacts/cartoons in place of their real photos, here is one:

suck it dolphin!
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