aka texas mike (mizike) wrote,
aka texas mike

my god, I'm almost hitting a month between updates.
Luckily for you people, I did some blow tonight, so i'm coked out, drunk, and high at 6:43 am. but it's all good.
bein' more social with tha ladies.. albeit more antisocial than most guys they're probably used to.

dressed up as Viet Cong soldier for halloween.. w/ hat, black pajamas, and a fake AK-47. got drunk, of course.

been busy as a motherfucker with school as of late. just writing this and celebrating a fucking 5 day break between school related stress.

Still have the radio show and stuff.. Trying to inject some type of self-reflexive humor into bureaucracy.

Same ol' Cockteases.. Some with different accents.

Drinkin' wayyy too much.

Just wrote a scathing editorial letter to some chick that writes for the campus newspaper.. should get printed.
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