aka texas mike (mizike) wrote,
aka texas mike

Oh goddamn, I'd update more if i wasn't busy (and drinking) all the time.
So i'm finishing the ol' journalism minor, that was the last of its sort to be killed off in the entire UC system. Basically, I'll be one of the last Journalism students ever to graduate from a UC college. Maybe I'd give more of a fuck other than its rarity in the marketplace if they weren't trying to teach us to be sesame-street leftist idealists. I mean come ON, some of the people are so ignorant. This alma mater chick shows up and presents a documentary about a town in texas conspiring to rid its 5000 person population of the black people through false accusations, etc. OH GOD I'M SO FUCKING SHOCKED. well, most of 'em were. These people, however, didn't realize that most people in that backwoods buttfuck part of the country, that it's a faux pas to schedule a KKK rally on the same day as a High School football game.
It's different here with all my friends gone. I gotta be a little more fake for the sake of social interaction. And ol' Space Cadet Lauren and some other outcasts is tryin' to get a piece of the ol' Mike-train. As if that's not disturbing enough, I'm at the point in life not where the women are looking to 'experiment', but are looking for the MRS degree. I swear it's more creepy 'cuz it's like a belated form of puberty. On a lighter note, the 40+ year old burnouts at happy hour have accepted me into their clique. Oh, and my new shrink looks kinda like Rachael Ray. Alllllright!
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