aka texas mike (mizike) wrote,
aka texas mike

bourgie complaints are SO the most valid.

so i just heard about a murder/suicide in an acquaintence's family. man, that sucks; and that emotional observation makes me almost human. i'm gonna quit talking about it lest it catches up with me.

shit. bachelorette party goin' on down the street. can't be nothin' compared with a bachelor party tho. them womenfolk may have straws shaped like penises, but what happens at bachelor party, stays at bachelor party. all i know is, stripper powder fragrance should be made into an aerosol room deodorizing spray.

i am so ahead of my time.

i was watching an Attacking Animals marathon today on FX. Man, those animals are always attacking. Especially horses. Once, I was riding a horse, and the damn thing bolted for home and I couldn't stop it because we didn't put an "inhumane" bit in, and there was a barely-open gate ahead, so it turned really fast and I was flung off and hit my back against a fence post with nails sticking out of it. And that's when I said "Fuck that" and left horses to paraders, retards, and nostalgics. they have it comin'.
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